Reorganization andoptimization of your production department


With the initial consultancy, we will analyze your production and observe all the operations to understand the complete situation and the potential percentage of improvement¨ this is the first step to collecting all the data we need to go on with the study

  • Observe all the operations;
  • Take the time per every each operation;
  • Evaluate methods and possibilities for improvement;
  • Working days: 1-2 days at your company.


After the initial consultancy, the second step is the Study and Feasibility of the new setup and working progress.
This is the MAIN and most important part of the JOB:

  • Study of the number and position of the operator;
  • Study of the chain;
  • Study of the speed and pieces to carry on the chain;
  • The study will be done in Italy, and it takes 1 month.

Installation and implementation of the Chain

The third step is the operative one, during this part of the consultancy we will teach your workers how to follow the rules of the new working process:

  • Set up of the chain;
  • Teaching your team;
  • Select the reference people of the chain;
  • Working Days: 5/6 days at your company.

Remote assistance with cameras

After the installation and implementation of the chain we can follow up on any kind of request or clarification with the use of some cameras in your production department:

  • Checking random your production department;
  • Checking if your operators are following the rules;
  • Checking if there are some critical points to be solved;
  • Helping you in finding the solution to any problem you can face;
  • Helping to keep the improvement growing up.


  • more order
  • no more trails full of goods around the department
  • no more people «popping around»
  • a standardized production
  • saving workers
  • no more stock
  • every day goods ready to be delivered and invoiced
  • increasing of productivity
  • certain delivery dates
  • more customer’s satisfaction