Gugoltex's mission is focused on providing solutions and consultancy specialized in the Textile sector,

especially for companies that operate in the field of socks. Through the offer of renewed machinery and personalized services, Gugoltex is committed to meet the specific needs of each customer, enhancing innovation and experience gained in over thirty years of activity in the sector. Gugoltex's vision is to establish itself as a leader of reference in the textile sector, expressing the Italian professionalism. They aspire to stand out in the Textile, and not only, market as expert consultants, capable of optimizing and reorganize the production departments, increasing order and efficiency and reducing waste. This approach is based on the avant-garde technology and profound experience, for excel in quality, innovation and sustainability, raising industry standards and exceeding global expectations.

Giovanni Ugolini





The founder of Gugoltex works as a sales manager in an Italian company in the special sock machinery sector, operating in numerous countries including Türkiye, Spain, South America, China and many others.


Attention shifts to the socks’ retail sector.


He resumes travel and business activities, focusing on circular knitting machines, ironing and packaging machines, as well as customized automation solutions.


The GUGOLTEX project is founded by the merger of companies, leveraging three decades of experience in the industrial textile sector.
Gugoltex offers complete services for hosiery factories, including consultancy, development of automation, prototyping and industrialization, yarn trade, logistics, representation of foreign producers of automation, spinning and dyeing equipment, spare parts, repairs and trade of used machines.


From 2023

The company regularly participates in sector fairs such as ITM a Istanbul, FIMAST in Brescia, and in partnership with Italian companies in ITMA.

Martina Ugolini

Corporate and operational organization

Martina Ugolini

Corporate and operational organization