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Machinery for sale: SCM


Description of the application and system 

Socks cleaning and reversing machine; this machine has been produced for cleaning the long yarn pieces on the socks and reversing them finally.

The system consists of 4 different stations.

  • Vacuum tubes with sock insert: this is a system in which the operator passes the socks through 3 suction tubes that rotate upside down.
  • Sock shaving system: this is a system that includes sock detection sensors socks and shaving machines. The sensors detect the socks and the razors begin to move up and down.
  • Vacuum system: it is the system that allows the cleaning process to suck the finished socks through “blowers”.
  • Exhaust system: it is a system that stacks the socks that pass through the suction channels at the unloading station.


How the system works

The machine can turn the delivered socks inside out or straight in the desired direction. Simply by choosing from the software,

Reverse – Straight
Reverse – Reverse
Straight – Reverse
Flat – Flat

It can cut and turn baby socks up to 32.5cm long. There are 3 suction tubes to which the operator can attach the sock. This way, when wear the socks, you will not have to wait for the end of the process and can continue to wear others socks. Then the sensors detect the socks and the shaving machines start moving up and down. Once the sock cleaning process is complete, the suction is turned on and the socks pass through the channel under the influence of suction and go to the unloading station, and in this moment the sock in the reverse form returns to its straight state.

Technical details

Cycle time: 5.5 seconds/pair
Production capacity: 650 pieces/hour
Number of operators: 1 person

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